i’ll learn how to swim


· i thought … um … you and i , maybe we could go away somewhere . together . one of these days . today . right now. come with me.

· no , i don’t think that’s going to be possible.

· why not?

· um , because i think that if we go away to someplace together , i’m afraid that , ah , one day , maybe not today , maybe , maybe not tomorrow either , but one day suddenly , i may begin to cry and cry so very much that nothing or nobody can stop me and the tears will fill the room and i won’t be able to breath and i will pull you down with me and we’ll both drown.

· i’ll learn how to swim , hanna . i swear , i’ll learn how to swim.


~ by gabriel lv on February 11, 2009.

8 Responses to “i’ll learn how to swim”

  1. la película es batible . lo que le sigue al diálogo , incluso , también . pero , ¿esa línea? no , nunca.

  2. nunca.

  3. Ah, magnífico melodrama, diálogo inolvidable.

  4. Ah, chingado. No me di cuenta que el comentario anterior salió como anónimo. Lo escribí yo. Saludos.

  5. Psando a saludar e invitando.

    Salduos a todos. Muy buen blog

  6. Perdón.



  7. chulada de coixet, de tim robbins y de uso de antony and the johnsons. . . .viva esos!

  8. what? EVIDENTLY I Am out of it
    perhaps it is something interesting. but i do not understand

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